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Beachbody Health Bet

Need a little motivation to work out? We bet this will get you pumped. We’re betting $2 million dollars that you will fall in love with getting healthy! During the Challenge Period, from January 9th – February 5th, 2017, eligible Coaches and customers who meet the below requirements will win an equal share of a […]

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The Ultimate Fitness Secret

The ULTIMATE Fitness Secret

Are you ready to learn the greatest fitness secret ever?  It’s the one I have been sharing with my clients for years.  Those who get it succeed, those who don’t, fail.   One of the greatest benefits I have received from becoming a Team Beachbody Coach is understanding the value of daily personal development.  I […]

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Is Your Mind Limiting Your Body?

Limits Exist Only in the Mind! So often people let limiting beliefs sabotage their goals!  Some give up as soon as things get tough.  Some have themselves defeated before they even start.  This is one of my favorite videos that helps illustrate how powerful your mind can be in driving your body PAST the limits […]

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The One Video Everyone Needs to See

It’s no secret that our country is in the throes of an obesity epidemic.  In fact, obesity is now the leading cause of death in America!  Did you get that?  That means what is most likely to kill you, started doing so many years ago because of your lifestyle.  Sugarcoating it (no pun intended) simply […]

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